Team Attire

Team Suits 2016-2017



This year our team will have two different options for a suit and a warm up.  Suits and warm ups are not required.  You may choose to buy any or all of them.

The first option for a suit (left) is an endurance suit that will last longer and would be a great choice for a practice and meets. 

The second option for a suit (center) is a lycra suit that would be worn only for meets.  This suit will not hold up near as well in the pool water, it is more of a racing suit.

On the right is our team warm up.  The jacket will have our team logo small on the chest (not pictured).

Suits are available to order at

Other products may also be available on the team portal for discounted prices.  All orders for suits will be shipped to your house and will have free shipping. 

If you would like personalized caps they are available to purchase until August 28th at 8pm.  They must be ordered in pairs and are $25 per pair.  Team caps that are not personalized can be purchased individually and are $12.50 per cap.  Caps are silicone and will have a new team logo this year.

T-shirt order forms are available at the pool.  They are short sleeve and are $18 a piece.  Orders and money must be turned in by Sept 22nd and the end of practice.