Fundraising and Team fees

Although LancerLot pays some of our team expenses there are many expenses that LancerLot does NOT cover.  These expenses include but are not limited to:  background checks for coaches and judges, training and USA swimming fees for coaches and judges, end of the year plaques and trophies, equipment for the team, club registration and office supplies.  Our team dues are used to pay these expenses.  Below is some information about how to pay these fees.

  • Team Dues:  $75 for first swimmer, plus $50 for each additional swimmer per household, per year

  • Team dues may be paid by fundraising

  • Fundraising:  Each family may pay the team dues of $75 for the first swimmer and $50 for additional swimmers per household through fundraising.  To do this, the profit you earn from the team must be equal to what you owe for team dues.

  • If a family raises additional money beyond the dues, then it will be deposited into swimmer accounts to be used toward meet fees or reimbursement of LancerLot dues. 

  • Any amount of fundraising profit that the family has not used by July 31 of the current year will be forfeited and will go to the team.  Swimmers can start fundraising August 1st for the upcoming year. 

  • You must let us know when you would like to use your additional fundraising funds.  You may do this by emailing us.  If you are using your funds for LancerLot dues we will need a copy of your receipt for our records.

Occasionally we will hold “special” fundraisers that are held to raise money specifically to buy something special for the team.  The money raised in these fundraisers does not count toward individual swimmer’s fundraising goals.