Costs of the team

  • $49 per month Lancerlot membership-You must be a member of LancerLot to be a member of the team.  Currently LancerLot is offering a discounted rate to swim team families.  This rate is $49 per family per month and there is no enrollment fee.  Please note these prices are subject to change and LancerLot employees have final say on costs.

  • $77 per year USA Swimming membership*-You must be a member of USA Swimming.  This is an insurance policy and every member of our team must be a member of USA.  The cost of USA Swimming is $77 per year.  

  • $75 team dues per year for one swimmer, $50 extra for additional swimmers per household*-This fee must be paid/raised by December 1st.  This fee may be paid by fundraising.  For more information regarding fundraising see the fundraising section on the website.

  • Meet fees as selected by your family*-If you choose to participate in USA Swimming meets, you will pay for each meet separately.  Meet fees are due when you sign up for the meet.  If you have not paid dues by the meet deadline, then you will not be signed up for the meet.  Meet fees include a coaches fee of $15 per swimmer (or $20 per family if you have multiple swimmers), a surcharge (usually $2.50) and a charge per event ($2.50-$8.50 per event). 

  • Other optional costs-Optional costs may include but are not limited to swim suits, goggles, team attire, swim caps and parkas.

  • *Most team fees are paid online.  Each fee that is charged through our website will be subject to a service fee and should be paid online.  If for some reason these fees are not paid online the service fee is still owed.