Parents' Role

How to Address Questions
When your swimmer is new to the sport many parent's have questions about what to expect at practices and or meets.  Board members, other parents and coaches are all here to answer any questions you may have.  However please do not ask questions or talk with coaches while they are coaching.  If you have younger swimmers please talk coaches them before practice starts as they will be coaching when your swimmers get out of the water.  Board members and other parents are typically happy to answer questions not specific to coaching during practice.  

Developing Swimmers

Swimmers will all develop at different paces due to growth and improving technique.  Sometimes it can be hard as a parent to not push young athletes when they are improving rapidly.  It is important that swimming remains fun and pressure free for your swimmer.  

Keeping Swimming Fun 
As a parent try to understand to what makes swimming fun for your children.  Swimmers all like swimming for different reasons.  It might be compliments from a coach, being a good swimmer, winning races, being in good shape, feeling of accomplishment, being on a team or many other things. Parent's can learn a lot about their swimmers and allow them to continue to have fun swimming by talking with their swimmers and making sure that swimming continues to be fun for them.

Role of Parent's vs Coaches
Both parents and coaches have very important but separate roles in supporting swimmers.  A coach is there to teach and critique a swimmer's performance.  A parent is there to love their swimmer unconditionally and support their child no matter what happens in a swim. 

Our coaches have a lot of training and they we have entrusted them to coach our children so it is important that parents listen and trust the coach.  They must also respect and support their decisions.