Modivational Time Standards and Age Group Cuts

Motivational Time Standards
USA swimming publishes time standards each year to let swimmers know where they stand next to other in their age groups.  These times can encourage age group swimmers to step their swimming up to the next level. These time standards guide you from just starting out in your age group to reaching your highest potential. Start at Level B and work your way up to Level AAAA times. These times can be found at by clicking on the link below: under 2017-20 Age Group Motivational Standards (By Age Groups)
Please note that these standards are in three different categories:
Long Course Meters (pools we typically compete in in the summer)
Short Course Yards (pool we compete in between August and April)
Short Course Yards (we typically don't compete in)

At the end of each season our team will compete in two Championship meets: Districts and Age Groups.  Each swimmer can only compete in one of these meets in each event.  If a swimmer has a time as fast as or faster than the time on the link below then they will b able to compete in Age Groups for that event.  If the do not they will compete in Districts.  It is possible for a swimmer to swim in both meets but not in the same event in both meets (unless the swimmer makes this time at the District meet).  Please click on the link below and go to and click on 2017 Virginia Swimming SC / LC Age Group Championships.  This file may not be available until the end of October 2016.