Important Webpages and Apps

Virginia Website
This website contains a list of meets that are held in Virginia and information for these meets.  It also contains qualifying times for meets, top times and much more information about Virginia swimming.

USA Swimming Website
This website contains a lot of useful information about year round swimming.  It contains current motivational times, explains IMX, Deck Pass and much more.  All new swimmers should log on and look over this site.  It is very informative.

Deck Pass and Deck Pass Plus App
This is a great swimming app that is managed by USA swimming.  In this app swimmers will be awarded virtual patches awarded by USA swimming and by our coaches.  They will also be able to see their:
-best times
-meet results
-IMX scores (IMX is explained on the USA swimming website)
-and more
The Deck Pass app is free where the Deck Pass Plus app is a small fee (maybe $1.99 initial fee).  The USA website or the app store should be able to tell you the exact differences between these two apps.

Meet Mobile App
Meet Mobile is an app for swim meets only.  Most meets we go to will use this app.  Here you will be able to look up swimmers or meets and see real time results (there is a small lag time but they come up pretty quickly most of the time).  There is a fee to get the results in this app.  At the time of writing this page the fee is $5.99 a year.

Swimming Rank
This is another neat website that we have found.  In this site you can put in any swimmer's name and find out how they rank against others their age and gender.  It will give you information as to how far they are from some qualifying times and graphs of their performance over time.  Although this is a fun site in the beginning it is good for swimmers to base their achievement off of their times and not other swimmers as all swimmers do develop at different paces.