How to sign up for a meet

As a reminder parents are responsible for signing swimmers up for meets by the deadline.  Payment is required for meets before a swimmer can swim in the meet (payments will be billed and paid through the website this year).  Swimmers may compete in as few or as many meets as they would like to during the meet.  Swimmers can compete as many or as few days as possible during a meet.


Information for meets

Links for information about each meet will be updated on the website as soon as it is available and can be found under:


                    Meet Information

Date and name of the meet (ex: September 23-25-Lynchburg YMCA season opener information)-Click on the link

The information link for meets has a lot of information in it and most of it is not geared towards swimmers or parents (it’s for coaches) but there is some information that parents and swimmers will need to read on the information link.  The link will contain the following information parents may be interested in:

  1.  Address of the meet

  2. What swimmers will swim in what sessions and when the first set of warmups will begin for each session.

  3. The maximum number events a swimmer can swim each day and for the entire meet.

  4. Fees for the meet (these fees will not include the $15 coaches’ fee charged per swimmer/$20 coaches’ fee per family).

  5. Order of events (at the end).


How do I sign up?

  1.  You will receive an email when a meet sign up is available (normally about 3 weeks before a meet).  The email will come from Active Support (  Example Email:

  2. Click the link in the email or go to the swim portal on the website. 

  3. Click on view meets at the top of the page. 

  4. Please read information about the meet including the “online entry period” where you will find the dates you can register your swimmer.  You will not be able to enter you swimmer in the meet after the online entry period has closed.

  5. Click on attending for the swimmer you would like to enter.  Do NOT sign swimmers up for relays.  If we have enough swimmers signed up to do a relay coaches will assign swimmers to a relay.  We do ask for parents to pay for their swimmers portion of the relay.

  6. The events that your swimmers is qualified for will be listed by session.  Click in the box on the left of the event to enter your swimmer in the event.  Please note that meets have a maximum amount of events per day and per meet (noted in meet information).  The system is set up to not let you enter any entries that are above this number but please double check this as it does not always function properly.  If your swimmer gets signed up for more events than the meet allows they will not be able to swim the events over the maximum.

  7. Once you are finished picking events go back to the top of the meet and hit the yellow “save” box.

  8. If you would like to edit these entries BEFORE the online entry period is closed you may go in at any time, hit the edit button and change them (just remember to hit save).

  9. You will receive an email shortly after the online entry period has closed that will let you know you have a payment due for the meet.  Please follow the instructions on the email to pay the bill.  You can also go to parent portal to pay your bill.  Payment information is in the bottom right hand corner.  PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE BEFORE THE MEET STARTS!

  10. Once a swimmers is signed up for a meet and the online entry period has ended the swimmer is responsible for payment of the meet.  There will be no refunds.