How to sign up for meets

This year we will be signing up and paying for all meets online.  The registration period for signing up is normally open for a week or so and it typically opens about three weeks before the meet.  Registering is easy just follow the steps below:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the meet information that can be found on our website under Meets/Event, Meet Information and under the meet name.  Most of this information is for coaches but it will tell you the cost of the events (as all meets are different), the exact location, order of events and how many events each swimmer can swim.  Please note that each meet the team charges an extra $15 coaches fee per swimmer ($20 per family) to the charges listed in the meet information.   

  2. Watch for an email from active that you have been invited to the meet.

  3. When you receive the invitation there will be a link you can click on that will take you to the parent portal.  Click on that or go to the parent portal through our team website.  

  4. There will be a button asking you whether your swimmer is attending the meet or not.  Click the appropriate answer.

  5. If your swimmer is attending the events that they are eligible to attend are listed.  Click the boxes of the events you would like your swimmer to swim.  *Our coaches allow swimmers/parents to pick all events that they will swim with the exception of relays.  If you are not sure of what to enter them in talk with a coach before or after practice and they would be more than willing to discuss it with you.

  6. Swimmers are only allowed to swim a certain number of events each day and or weekend.  The system will not let you enter them in too many events.

  7. Once you are happy with your selections you are done with registering.  You may change these until registration has ended after that there can be no changes.

  8. After the registration period has ended the team will bill you through the website.  Hopefully this will be done the day after the registration period has ended.

  9. When you are billed you should receive an email from active that you have a bill waiting.  You can pay it by clicking the link or going through the parent portal.  The information about your bill will be in the bottom left corner of the screen on parent portal. 

  10.  Payment for the meet must be made before your child can participate in the meet.  Any swimmer that has payments that are past due will not be able to register for upcoming meets until the bill is paid. 

  11. Our team is responsible for paying for swimmers to swim all events you signed up for.  After we sign you up we cannot refund you in the event that you get sick or cannot swim the day of the meet.  There are no refunds for meets for any reason.